About why Selby Gardens wants to clear cut 114 mature trees to make way for an oversized parking structure & FOURTH restaurant.

Still selling out Selby Gardens

The ONLY thing being compromised is the NATURE of MARIE SELBY'S GARDENS

COM·PRO·MISE · /ˈkämprəˌmīz/
An agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.
An ability to listen to two sides in a dispute, and devise a compromise acceptable to both.

Compromises proposed by Garden Guardians and rejected by Selby staff:

  1. Off-site location for rare books and plant specimens-outside of flood zone (2 sites identified where storage could be secured; one for less the price of state grant of 600K Selby has received for this purpose) — REJECTED
  2. Off-site parking within walking distance with less cost and expanding garden saving trees and under-story plantings with meandering garden — REJECTED

  1. Smaller parking garage to accommodate garden parking needs (250 spaces-2 stories) — REJECTED
  2. Keeping Palm Avenue open for internal traffic and retaining perpetual easement — REJECTED
  3. Preserve garden ambiance by locating visitor center off Palm and building display green house at the corner of Orange and Palm, just off Mound. — REJECTED
  1. Use funds for garage construction to fund endowment to support garden activities. — REJECTED
  2. Rather than build new restaurant, use three existing food venues as accessory uses — REJECTED
  3. Bring executive salaries in line with other botanical gardens to manage overhead— REJECTED
  4. Eliminate amplified outdoor musicREJECTED

Master Plan: BEFORE and AFTER denial by City Commission on November 5, 2019

What Selby is marketing as a "compromise" plan is simply a slightly squashed version of their prior vision of killing trees to maximize profit and morphing a once-bucolic garden oasis in a residential neighborhood into party city.

Size of Gardens (green acres)1412.75
Adjacent to and a part of established neighborhoods
Cements transformation from Botanical Garden to commercial event center
Maintains goal of being destination event, catering, dining and entertainment center
Proposes high intensity commercial use in a lower intensity transitional zone
Proposed ZTA is “Spot” zoning without limits
Consistent w/Comp Plan for separation between urban-scale businesses and residential
Appropriate location for commercial event center
Urban-scale parking garage, 48’6” high486 cars450 cars
Increases footprint of concrete garage
Needs excess parking (over existing 225 spots) only 15% of the time for Garden functions
Located at “F” rated (failed) intersection
Addresses significant traffic and safety issues
High-impact center will result in additional traffic to city's roadway network
Permanently alters beauty of bayfront w/massive garage
Proposes 4 separate food service venues
Plans to operate commercial marine traffic on Hudson Bayou
Keeps Palm Ave. open to the public
Favors concrete structures over living things
Destroys more than 114 trees for concrete garage
City will be recognized for hypocrisy of destroying nature to 'create' 50,000sf more of concrete
Destroys essence and intention of gardens to create commercial event center
Increases impervious (paved) surfaces; reduces green space by48%60%
Paves fragile coastal zones for commercial development
Located in high-risk flood zone
Limits on amplified sound
Willing to demonstrate a real sound mitigation system
Willing to work with neighbors
Agrees to definition of 'events'
Parties/events up to 2,500 people
Agrees to limitation on hours of events, garden hours
Depends upon taxpayer funding
Competes with tax-paying commercial enterprises while being exempt from property taxes
Stresses visitor experience is more important than year-round tax-paying residents' quality of life
Board members living in neighborhoods severely impacted by noise and traffic

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