THANK YOU! to Vice Mayor Ahearn-Koch, Commissioner Willie Shaw, and Commissioner Shelli Freeland Eddie for standing up for public safety, the environment, the City's residential neighborhoods, our shared system of laws, and last but not least, our Comprehensive Plan!

Fans of Selby Gardens protest construction plans

Neighbors, friends, and fans of Selby Gardens love the gardens. The plants, the paths, the beautiful trees. What they don't love is the plan to construct an oversized garage designed as a pedestal for a huge dining hall. Let's keep the "garden" in Selby Gardens!

Bernstein: Selby Gardens plan would have historic traffic impact

Selby Gardens is applying for one of the most intensive land-use classifications allowed under the city’s Comprehensive Plan, a classification normally reserved for airports, hospitals and major entertainment venues. If allowed, this plan will place an enormous traffic burden on the Bayfront and is a recipe for gridlock from Gulfstream Avenue to Orange Avenue.