THANK YOU! to Vice Mayor Ahearn-Koch, Commissioner Willie Shaw, and Commissioner Shelli Freeland Eddie for standing up for public safety, the environment, the City's residential neighborhoods, our shared system of laws, and last but not least, our Comprehensive Plan!
City Commission Votes for Neighborhoods

City Commission Votes for Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods prevailed, and the City Commission’s 3:2 decision against changing our land use Constitution is good news for all Sarasotans. To all the citizens who took time to attend 30+ hours of meetings, or to speak, or to email the City Commission, or to write letters to the editor, a huge THANK YOU!

Despite an unprecedented marketing campaignn, Vice Mayor Jen Ahearn-Koch, Commissioner Willie Charles Shaw, and Commissioner Shelli Freeland Eddie listened to their constituents, weighed the merits of the Selby plan against the City’s Comprehensive Plan (“who is the public and what is the benefit?”), and stood for the principle that we must all abide by the same rules.

This was a tough and very high profile vote on an extremely divisive issue, and the courage and leadership of these elected representatives deserves our recognitiion.

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The commissioners made a point of emphasizing that we ALL love Selby Gardens, and want to see it continue to thrive as a natural oasis.

We are confident that Selby can address its parking issues and collection preservation needs without fundamentally altering the nature of the gardens, and we look forward to seeing creative solutions within the affordances and constraints of Selby’s existing zoning.