THANK YOU! to Vice Mayor Ahearn-Koch, Commissioner Willie Shaw, and Commissioner Shelli Freeland Eddie for standing up for public safety, the environment, the City's residential neighborhoods, our shared system of laws, and last but not least, our Comprehensive Plan!
Selby Gardens is for airplants, not airplane hangers!

Selby Gardens is for airplants, not airplane hangers!

We support the botanical gardens but realistically, this project is is no longer about a botanical garden. It’s, in Selby’s owns words, really about “CREATING A WORLD-CLASS CATERED EVENT AND DINING DESTINATION AND THE PREMIER BAY FRONT ENTERTAINMENT LOCATION.” The gardens have taken a back seat.

Fundamentally the intensity of this project is too great for this location. With THREE restaurants ( two existing and one proposed), SIX entertainment venues, and off-site catering as well, this project’s impacts will have an adverse effect beyond the City’s urban edge and into the surrounding residential areas. – Jerry Gray

And, if that were not enough, here’s the truth about one of the most critical issues related to their master plan—TRAFFIC. The intersection of Mound and Orange Ave. is already failing based on existing traffic volumes. Yet Selby is seeking to designate their property with the most intense land use allowed in the City’s Plan, Metropolitan Regional. They want to serve a metropolitan market bringing people from within and outside of Sarasota County into our RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS.  That zoning is intended for vacationers, seasonal residents, employees, clients, customers and visitors and is intended for high traffic generators, high seasonal generators and/or high commuter traffic generators. A designation of this intensity at a failed intersection makes absolutely no sense to us. Does it to you?

The proposed garage is big enough to house a 747 jetliner If you agree that Selby Gardens does not need a colossal garage large enough to accommodate a Boeing 747, and a fully story HIGHER than the one recently built for perpetually-packed St. Armands, please sign our petition today!